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Notices from Deskworks are being rejected
Last Updated 4 months ago

Email servers are becoming more and more secure. We provide an email server that sends out your Deskworks notifications, typically from an email address that's hosted from your domain. To ensure that Deskworks notifications aren't rejected, add the IP address for the Deskworks email server to the SPF record for your domain. (Your IT people will do this.)

Here's the instruction for you to send to your IT people:

Please add the IP address of the Deskworks email server: to the SPF record for our domain, so that we can send Deskworks notices that come from our domain's email addresses. Here's an example record:

v=spf1 a mx ip4: -all

If you find emails aren't getting through, check your spf record. We always find that they have been incorrectly entered if email isn't getting through. Here are a few tools:

Check the syntax of your spf record at

It will look like this when you enter it, if it passes:


You can see (and check!) the spf record for your domain at

It will look like this when it passes:


Here's an example of one that passes, but clearly doesn't have the recommended syntax that we give you, to enable us to send emails on your behalf:


And here's one that failed because 2 records were added. You can give this information to your email manager to correct. If you want us to help with correcting your record, open a ticket directed to IT Support. Regular IT Support charges apply.


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