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Intelligent Network Check-in: Quickstart Guide (Video)
Last Updated 2 months ago

Congratulations on activating Deskworks’ Intelligent Network Check-in! There are several things you can now do, so let’s review those first. Then we’ll look at the little bit of setup that you will need to do.

On your Dashboard, whenever someone’s device is picked up on your network – wifi or wired – you’ll see them here. You’ll also see how many devices they have connected.

A wifi access code is created automatically with every reservation. It displays here on your dashboard, and is active from a half hour before the reservation to a half hour after. Your members will automatically be logged in, so this is for their guests to get online.

Now let’s look at the Splash Page that people will see when they come in for the first time. If they are a member, they enter their login and password. At that point their device is connected to the network AND their check-ins are connected to their plan. So if they have a plan that you want to track check-ins – like a 10-day per-month plan – it’s automatically tracked.

If this is a non-member, they can enter their Access Code for their reservation OR, they can click Buy a Pass. The system will then step them through buying the pass and entering their payment method. It will hold the wifi open for whatever time they bought.

Now, let’s look at how to set this up from your end. Go to INVENTORY > PRODUCTS, and then select each Product that you want people to be able to buy from the Splash Page by clicking the EDIT pencil next to the Product. Let’s do the RENTAL HOURS products first.

Just click the button for “Buy on Splash Page?” and SAVE. That’s it. You’ll probably just want, maybe, a day pass and a half day pass.

Next, let’s set up the plans for members that you want to track usage automatically through wifi check-ins.

Again, go to INVENTORY > PRODUCTS, and look at your Membership Products, clicking the EDIT pencil next to each one for which you want to use auto-tracking.

Check the box, “Has Passes?”, and then select the product you want to use for the pass to track from the dropdown. SAVE.

Lastly, when you set up a Recurring Billing for someone, be sure you check the box for Use Check-in for Billing next to that plan.

That’s your setup! Be sure to check the Knowledgebase for more information on the reports you can use and how to troubleshoot when someone isn’t sure of their password. And remember, we’re always here to help.

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