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Can I set up a reservation for a TOUR?
Last Updated 5 years ago

You can set up a reservation for a no-cost item, like a tour of your facility. If there's no cost for an item, the system will skip the "Input Credit Card" screen when a non-member tries to make a reservation.

To set this up, under the INVENTORY tab:
  • Create a Reservation Category, such as "Tour". Be sure you have a nice photo of your facility.
  • Create a Reservation Unit, such as "Book a Tour"
  • Create a Product Category, such as "Tours"
  • Create a Product, such as "Tour"
    • Product Type: Rental Hours
    • Reservation Category: Tour
    • SAVE
    • In the Pricelist section, select your Non-Member Pricelist from the dropdown
    • Set price to $0.00
That's it! Non-members will see the tour available to them on your calendar through the Book It Now feature.

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