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Can members get a notice when they've used up the passes on their plan?
Last Updated 5 years ago

There are two types of notifications for "passes used up". Both are found under the SYSTEM NOTIFICATIONS, EDITABLE on your left menu bar.

1) If the plan counts passes and rebills "as needed", i.e. as soon as the passes are used up, use the PASSES USED UP EMAIL notification. This will be sent as soon as passes are used up, and is, in effect, an invoice. The invoice will be charged on the schedule you have set in SETTINGS, typically 3 days after invoice.

2) If the plan counts passes and invoices monthly, quarterly, etc. (on a schedule), use MONTHLY PLAN -- PASSES USED UP. If you want to send an automated message as soon as passes are used up on these plans, be sure to click the ENABLED box within the screen. Edit the message as you want it. These plans rebill on the scheduled Recurring Billing date (NOT as soon as the passes are used up.) Any passes used beyond the number included with the plan will be charged additionally to the base plan.

NOTE: If you do not see the MONTHLY PLAN -- PASSES USED UP tab on your left menu bar, you can add it as follows:
  • Click SETUP > TASKS
  • Click ADD + at the bottom of the screen and fill out the next screen as follows:
    • Position: select a number to position the feature where you want it, typically under the Notifications, Editable tab. (Look at the other Tasks on the page to decide what number to use.)
    • Name: select a name that you want to display in your left menu bar 
    • Is Group?: leave blank
    • Task URL: setup/plan-passes-used-up-notice
    • Give permissions to view or edit the task as you choose
    • SAVE

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