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How do I create a new translation?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Deskworks can be set up in any language. We enable Deskworks clients to do the translation to ensure that the translation is exactly as they want it.

1) Go to Sign up for an account.

2) Open a ticket and send us your login for github, with the language you would like to translate into. We will send you an invitation with a link to the translation repository.

3) Go to

4) Go through each folder displayed, select the correct language extension for each file, and edit the words within parentheses ("___") to read as you want them to. Each language has a separate extension, such as billing-profile-en.json for English and billing-profile-fr.json for French. You can see the programming name and the English version for each line needing translation.

5) When you're done, let us know through the open ticket, and we'll deploy.

The screen shots below show the English and French versions.

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