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How do I transfer my credit card data?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Transferring your credit card data to the Spreedly Vault

Deskworks provides a PCI compliant vault for your credit cards at no cost to you through, a highly-secure, never-been-hacked site. They are set up to work with over 100 different online gateways, so if you have one you like, you can stay with it. If you don't at any time, it's easy to make a change.

To migrate the data for use in DeskWorks, you only need to ask your current provider to prepare a secure transfer file of your credit cards. They will typically upload to a secure FTP site (SFTP). When that's done, we'll have Spreedly download the file into the Credit Card Vault environment that we create for you in Spreedly.
  • Open a ticket and let them know you would like to transfer your credit card data to another PCI compliant vault. They will try to charge you, but let them know you will continue to use their gateway services and request a no-charge transfer.
  • Once completed, be sure you decline their 3 extra services: recurring billing, fraud protection, and credit card vault.
  • Suggested wording for requesting the transfer is below. Copy your email to and, and we will follow up as well.

  • Open a ticket and ask them to transfer your credit card data to Spreedly. Copy Spreedly and us on the ticket. Stripe is very good about this -- simple and no charge or fuss. They will upload the file to their SFTP site. Notify us when that's done.
  • We will have Spreedly download the file to your secure credit card vault environment.
  • Suggested wording is below.

  • Contact the Merchant Support Department and give them your Merchant I.D. #. Tell them you want your credit card data sent securely by email or FTP site to Ask for an internal MindBody support contact.
  • Send an email to your MindBody contact and as follows. You can cc or bcc, and we will follow up.
"Dear Merchant Support:
Please transfer the credit card data for [Your Company Name], Merchant I.D. No. XXXXX securely to , using your preferred method (secure email or ftp). We will no longer need vault services from you but we intend to continue using your gateway. Please stop all vault charges when completed.

Please contact me with any questions.


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