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I need to add a deleted Co-member back into Deskworks - why does it say "Email Has Already Been Taken"?
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When a member with co-members attached is switched from the status of "Active" to either "Inactive" or "Non-member", co-members attached to that member will remain active IF YOU DO NOT CHECK THE BOX TO MAKE THEM INACTIVE AT THE SAME TIME. They will not be deleted from your system, and you will not be able to create a new profile using their email address. 

If you're having trouble locating the profile with a particular email attached, first try this:

  • Go to User Search
  • Check the box "All" at the top of the page
  • Check the box for Advance Search, which will open a series of new search fields
  • Enter the email address into the Email search field
  • Click search
If you get no results when searching as above, then:

  • Go to User Search
  • Check the box "All" at the top of the page
  • Search for the primary member this co-member was previously attached to and select them
  • Go to Members>View/Edit Profile
  • If you scroll down to the Membership area of the page you should see "Status: Inactive" or "Status: Non-member" - edit this area and change the status to "Active" and click OK (this is a temporary change)
  • Refresh your browser
  • Still on the Profile page, scroll down to the Co-member area that should now appear on the profile
  • Locate the Co-member in question and click "Delete" (this does not delete the co-member's profile, it just disconnects the co-member from the primary member)
  • Scroll back up to the Membership area, change the Status back to "Inactive" or "Non-member" and click OK again.
  • Go back to the User Search page and follow the first set of instructions above to search for the email address.

If you follow these steps you should find an existing profile with the co-member's name and email already attached to it. You can then Activate this profile and use it as needed instead of creating a whole new profile for that person.

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