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Ezeep Integration
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Ezeep Integration

Ezeep ( is a print service that allows your members to print without having to load drivers. With the Satellite Deskworks integration to Ezeep, you can allow members to copy, scan and fax from your Multi-function Printer — and track that usage — while letting them print through Ezeep. The integration creates a user account in Ezeep as soon as you add a new member or co-member (and deletes them from Ezeep when they are made inactive.)

To set up the integration:
  • Open a ticket requesting the Ezeep integration. We will return your site with the integration enabled.
    • In the EZEEP INTEGRATION section, enter the Username and Password for your Ezeep Owner account.
  • Go to SETUP > PRINTER HISTORY MAPPING to map the Ezeep Usage Report to Deskworks’ fields.
    • You can add multiple Printer Profiles: one for each printer you have and one for Ezeep.
    • Click NEW IMPORT PROFILE and add a profile for Ezeep as follows:
      • Name: Add the name you want to use for the Ezeep profile.
      • Printer Formatting Type: Select Ezeep
      • B&W Count Column Header: B/W
      • Full Color Count Column Header: Color

When you add a new member or co-member, their name and email will instantly be in Ezeep.
When you inactivate a member or co-member, they will be removed from Ezeep.

Note: Ezeep connects through the member’s email address. The Deskworks integration does not look at the Printer Code field for Ezeep: it uses email address only to connect between the two programs. The Printer Code in the Member Profile can be used for your printer directly. This will not affect the Ezeep integration.

See Monthly Processing of Ezeep Printer Charges for additional information.

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