Frequently Asked Question settings for credit card processing
Last Updated 6 years ago

Satellite Deskworks manages credit cards through This is a PCI Compliant secure credit card vaulting company. Credit card numbers are never stored in Deskworks, and Spreedly supports over 100 online gateways (like, Stripe, etc.) so you have a lot of flexibility in who you work with for credit card processing.

Here are the settings we recommend for for use with Satellite Deskworks and Spreedly credit card vaulting.

  • Auto Close: 11:00 PM
  • Time Zone: [your time zone]
  • Set for e-commerce
  • Change AVS settings to decline A and allow S
  • Transaction IP Velocity: disabled
  • Hourly Velocity: disabled
  • Change amount filter to $5,000 from $1,000
  • Transaction Detail API: enabled
  • Updated Payment Form to include TAX, TAX EXEMPT, and PO

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