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2. How do I set up permissions for each function in Deskworks for different levels of administrators (and members?) (TASKS tab)
Last Updated 6 years ago

TASKS displays all of the individual functions of Deskworks and which ROLES (or permission level) can view or edit them.

Note: Administrators have to first be given permission under the ADMINISTRATORS tab to see information for a particular Facility. If they have Facility permission, then the TASKS tab takes control, based on their ROLE. (See the ROLES FAQ.)

To edit or change permissions for a particular ROLE:

Click EDIT on any specific TASK.
Under PERMISSIONS, you can set the different permissions for each specific role: non-member, member, accountant, coordinator, admin, manager and master. (Roles are set under the ADMINISTRATORS tab.)

Note: You will only see the levels that are equal to or below your permission level.

Permission Choices:
  • None -- if selected, the designated page will not be visible to people with this Role.
  • View -- if selected, the designated page can be viewed but not edited by people with this Role.
  • View/Edit -- if selected, this Role can both view and edit the designated page.

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