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1. How do I set up permissions for individual administrators?
Last Updated 6 years ago

These instructions are for both franchises, individual centers, and small groups.

  • Go to SYSTEM > ADMINISTRATORS. This is where you will give an Admin general permissions for a specific facility.
  • ADD or EDIT an Administrator. (If adding a new administrator, be sure to fill out all required sections, designated with an *.)
  • Under the PERMISSIONS section, select the particular permissions that this Administrator has for each facility.
    • Get Notices: If checked, the Admin will receive copies of the automated notices (declined credit card, receipts, etc.) that are sent from that facility. This can be further customized in the OTHER section.
    • Permission > None: If selected, Admin can not see this facility at all.
    • Permission > View/Edit: If selected, Admin can view and edit all sections that their specific Admin Role is permitted to see (Permissions for each Admin Role are set in TASKS.)
    • Permission > View Profile and Calendar Only: If selected, Admin can search for and see a Member Profile and the Calendar for this facility. They cannot see any other functionality or reports for this facility.
  • Under the OTHER section:
    • Select the specific Role for this Admin: Coordinator, Administrator, Accountant, Manager, Master. In TASKS, you will be able to select the specific Deskworks features that each Role is permitted to view and edit. In this section you assign one of those Roles to an individual Admin.
    • If desired, enter a Printer Code for the Admin. If used, this enables you to see all printing charges by this Admin in the Printer History Download.
    • In this section you can further customize the notices and information that this Admin is emailed or can see. For example, some Admins do not want to get copies of Reservation Confirmations or Welcome Letters. The boxes can be unchecked so that you do not receive these.
  • SAVE.

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