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How do I upload my printer report into Deskworks?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Once your printer report is mapped in Deskworks, you can upload the report at any time to post print charges to your members.

Steps for Uploading:

1. Log into printer and generate history report for the applicable time period. This report needs to be a .CSV and saved in your computer.

2. In Deskworks, navigate to Accounting>Printer Usage Upload. Click “Import From CSV” and select the history report file.

3. A new print import entry will appear at the top of the screen; click “Edit” to the right of this new entry.

4. On the next screen you can re-name the upload as you wish (labeling with the time-period of the history report is recommended), delete the upload, or Post Charges from the upload.

5. Before posting charges, scroll down and review the upload contents. Each charge that will be created will be listed as a single line item showing the printer code, member name, job mode (if applicable to printer), and page counts.

  • Note: Any entries in this area that show in RED text will NOT have charges posted. This happens if the Printer Code from the report is not attached to any member profile. If you have such red lines:

  • Search for the member in red in the User Search screen.
  • Select member, navigate to Members>View/Edit Profile.
  • If there is no Printer Code entered on the member profile, enter it now. Do this for all red entries.
  • Go back to Accounting>Printer Usage Upload, delete the upload with red lines, and re-upload.
  • Once re-uploaded all lines should appear black, indicating all charges will be posted.

6. When you are ready, click “Post Charges”. Charges will be created for each member who has print jobs on the history report. Review charges from Billing>Post Payments or Charges.

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