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ACH Features and Notes
Last Updated 2 years ago

If your payment processor allows ACH or e-checks on your account, Deskworks can process these payments automatically. There are some special functionalities with ACH processing:

  • Refunds cannot be processed back onto the member's specified ACH bank account through Deskworks. REFUND using "ACH" on the Post Payments/Charges page is used to correct the account for payments that were rejected by the member's bank after the initial processing. 
  • ACH acceptance can take up to a week to finally reach your bank account and can be rejected by the User's bank any time before that (which is why you may need to use REFUND for a correction to the account.)
  • ***Be sure your bookkeeper checks your payment processor or gateway's report of transactions monthly to be sure you have received all the payments by ACH that you are expecting. This should be standard for your bookkeeper while reconciling your bank account. (The account won't balance to Deskworks' Deposit Transaction Report if an ACH payment is rejected.)
  • Members WILL NOT get an automated message saying that a refund was processed to their account by ACH.
  • You will see a red X next to ACH payments on the Post Payments/Charges page. Since this line item is showing a transaction processed elsewhere, this lets you remove the record of the payment if you want to.

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