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Ezeep: I can't change the Ezeep access group for a person
Last Updated 4 years ago

Any changes to a member's access to Ezeep MUST be made through Deskworks, not through Ezeep directly.

If a person is deleted directly in Ezeep, but they still exist in Deskworks, if you then try to send an update through Deskworks to Ezeep (such as changing their Ezeep access group), the update can not go through. Since the person doesn't exist in Ezeep, Ezeep is looking for a new registrant, not an update.

**We've created a safety measure: if you delete someone in Ezeep and they still exist in Dw, and then you try to change their Ezeep access group, we clear out Ezeep references in Dw. After that, you can assign to an Ezeep group.

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