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Limiting declined payments to reduce credit card/bank fraud
Last Updated 2 years ago

To help reduce credit card and bank fraud, Deskworks limits the number of payment attempts by people who are trying to sign up as members. (A known fraud attempt is to test credit cards by entering multiple cards on a site until one succeeds, then using the card to purchase goods elsewhere.)

1. Declined payments on Self-Registration are limited to 4 attempts, whether on the same card or with entry of multiple cards.

  • If the limit is reached, a message is sent, "Please contact staff for assistance at [center phone number] or [center email]."
  • A message is added to the main Dashboard in the box PEOPLE CURRENTLY SELF-REGISTERING, under the person's name, "Too many declined payments." 
  • The status of that non-member is changed to "Banned" in MEMBER PROFILE. Coordinator can change the status in MEMBER PROFILE > MEMBERSHIP box.

2. To make it more difficult for an automated program to test multiple credit cards, the allowed number of declined payments is then reduced to one (1) for the next 30 minutes for entire site.

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