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How do I set up email service through SendGrid?
Last Updated 2 months ago

Deskworks offers emailing through SendGrid, a state of the art mail service. In order for us to send your mass mail, such as notices, receipts, etc., your Email Domain must be authenticated.

Here's the process:

  • Open a ticket asking for your email to be sent through SendGrid. Include the name of your DNS host, i.e. your email host. (This will be something like GoDaddy, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, etc.)
  • We will return to you the records that need to be added into the DNS section on your email host site.
  • Have your webmaster or IT professional add the records. Respond in the ticket when completed.
  • We will verify that the records are correctly added. If we get an error message from SendGrid, we'll send you back the error message. If not, we'll move you to SendGrid and you're done!

This link will give you a little more information on this email service:

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