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How do I connect my Deskworks site to QuickBooks for automatic integration between the two?
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Deskworks can automatically integrate all of your sales activity with QuickBooks Online (QBO). Each new member, order, discount and product will automatically display and post in QBO. Any order or charge for a product will be posted to the correct Chart of Accounts code in QBO, so you don’t have to manually code to ensure your Profit and Loss Statements are accurate.

Note: Deskworks cannot integrate with QuickBooks Desktop as it does not work from an API (application programming interface.)

To set up the integration, open a ticket asking for the QBO integration to be activated for your site. 

Once activated:

1) In your browser, open QuickBooks Online with your login and password, and leave it open.

2) In a new browser tab, open Deskworks.

3) In the left menu bar, go to SETUP > INTEGRATIONS SETUP


4) Check the box for "Enabled" for each of your centers that you want to connect to QBO.  A "QuickBooks Application" dropdown will appear. Select the correct QBO application for each center. If you have more than one center, you can choose to add all centers to one instance of QBO, or you can attach each one to a separate instance of QBO. If you have multiple centers going to one instance of QBO, you can select which "Class" you want the sales for each center directed to.


5) Click the green "qb Connect" button. The button disappears once you are connected so that you can’t lose the connection in error.

6) Deskworks is now reading your QBO Chart of Accounts. Map the Deskworks information to the correct QBO Accounts in the dropdowns. You may want your accountant to advise on these:

  • Map the Security Deposits and the Security Deposit Liabilities to the correct QBO accounts. 
  • Map Accounts Receivable to the correct QBO account.
  • Map sales for Custom products, i.e. those that are not in your inventory, to a QBO product.
  • Map Discounts to a QBO product.
  • Map non-members to a QBO Customer. (All non-members are recorded on the same QBO Customer account.)

Click EDIT on your first product. In the QuickBooks Account box, select the correct Chart of Accounts code from the Dropdown for this product. As you make changes in QuickBooks to the Income Accounts of your Chart of Accounts, those changes are instantly reflected in Deskworks. Continue adding the Chart of Accounts codes through the rest of your products. You can always change these. History will remain the same; new orders will reflect the changed codes.

9) Once you have connected your Chart of Accounts codes and added your GL Account Code to your inventory, contact us through SUPPORT by opening (or reopening) a ticket. We will then push your present members to QBO. (We do this so that data doesn’t transfer to QB before you’re ready.)

Now let’s test:
1) Enter a new order in Deskworks. Note that it immediately shows up in QuickBooks as a sale (with the correct class, if you have used QB classes.)

2) Look at Products in QuickBooks. All of the Deskworks products display the correct Chart of Accounts Income code.

3) Delete the sale in Deskworks. Note that it’s gone from QuickBooks.

If you use as your credit card gateway, you can activate QuickBooks download to fully automate from order to receipt of funds!

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