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How can I sync my DeskWorks Calendar with Google Calendar for Liquidspace, etc.*
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Calendar Integration

Your Deskworks Calendar can automatically sync with all aggregator calendars, such as Liquidspace, CloudVO, etc. The “clearinghouse” is Google Calendar: every reservation from the aggregator syncs to Google Calendar and from there to Deskworks, and vice versa. Deskworks searches for a keyword in the title or description coming from the aggregator in order to post the reservation to the correct Deskworks account.

Getting Started

To begin the Calendar Integration process first submit a ticket to Deskworks requesting that the Calendar Integration tool be made active and available for you. To submit a ticket, follow the Support link in your Deskworks menu and then follow the prompts to open a new ticket. We should be able to get your Calendar Integration tool available to you within 24 hours. 

Connecting Deskworks to a Google Account

• Sign into the Google Account you plan to use for Calendar integration. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE GOOGLE CALENDARS FOR THE SPACES YOU WANT TO SYNC.

• Log into Deskworks while staying logged into your Google account.

• On the Left Menu Bar, SETUP>Settings and find the Calendar Integration section. Click the “Connect” button. Your Google account and Deskworks are now connected!

If Using a Google Account with NO Calendars Created Yet: On the Left Menu Bar, click INVENTORY>Reservation Units. For each unit that you want sync’d, click “Edit”; check“Sync with Calendar?” and SAVE. This will populate your Google Calendar automatically with a calendar for each synced Reservation Unit

If Using a Google Account WITH Calendars Already Created: On the Left Menu Bar, click INVENTORY>Reservation Units. For each unit that you want sync'd, click "Edit". Open your Google account, select the existing calendar that matches the Reservation Unit you're working on in Deskworks. Under "Calendar Details" in Google you'll find a Calendar ID. Copy this Calendar ID from Google. In Deskworks on the Reservation Unit page, check the box "Sync with Calendar" and paste the Google Calendar ID into the Calendar ID field. Click SAVE. 

TIP: To test the connection of Deskworks to the Google calendar, go to Make a New Reservation and create a test reservation. View that date in your Google Calendar (you may need to refresh the page) to verify that the reservation is there.

Connecting Third Party Calendars to Deskworks

• Register the Aggregator as a New Member in Deskworks. This enables you to track reservations, billings and payments for the Aggregator as an account.

• Click SETUP>Settings. In the Calendar Integration section, click “Add Account”.

• In the Account field, start typing the Aggregator name; select the correct name for the account.

• If you are only adding one third party calendar Integration, leave the Keyword field as “%”. Skip down to the Connecting Google Account to Third Party Calendars section below.

• If you are integrating multiple third party calendars, you’ll need a unique Keyword for each Account in Deskworks. The Keyword is an identifier sent by the Aggregator in each of their reservations. Deskworks checks both the title and comments sent with the reservation for the Keyword. “” is a good Keyword to use for Liquidspace

• Click SAVE.

Connecting Google Account to Third Party Calendars

Each Aggregator will provide you with their own instructions for connecting to Google Calendar. Once you’ve completed their steps for integration, place a test reservation in their calendar. If correctly set up, the reservation will appear in both your Google Calendar and Deskworks.

Third Party Calendar Instructions

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