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Some of my transactions didn't sync to QBO. Why?
Last Updated 2 years ago

1. You may have setup your QBO accounts by "Company". Deskworks will sync the first account and charges to a particular company. If you then have another person in the same company with charges, there is a conflict, and you will have an error. The second person will not sync.

Solution: Send all charges through the same Company and Name. If you have a conflict, we can manually match this for you.

2. QBO has a limit on the length of a company name to 50 characters. Deskworks does not have a limit. Be sure you limit the company name if you are using the QBO integration.

3. Some of our clients prefer to have all Non-Members go to one QBO account, and some prefer each Non-Member go to their own account. Let us know which you prefer, if you see anything that is different from what you expect.

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