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How do I set up credit card processing with
Last Updated 6 years ago

1) Get your Authorize Gateway ID and activation code from your credit card processor. Log in to and activate. If you have any problem at all, their support is wonderful. Just call them and they’ll step you through it.

2) Remember to only take the basic $10/mo. service. You don't need Automated Recurring Billing (ARB), Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) or Customer Information Manager (CIM). ARB happens through DeskWorks, we’re secure-they’re secure so you don’t need AFDS, and CIM is through DeskWorks/Spreedly.

3) On the left side menu, under ACCOUNT, click Settings.

4) Under Security Settings, General Security Settings, click API Login ID and Transaction Key.

5) Send us the API Login ID through the Deskworks ticket system.

6) Answer the Secret Question to see your Transaction Key. Send this to us, too, through the ticket system.

7) We’ll connect your gateway so you can accept live credit cards. The money will flow straight into your bank account.

8) Create a transaction for a few cents, and process the payment. Be sure the system does not return any errors, and that you can see the deposit going through your account.

9) You're done!

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