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How do I add a new feature or report to my sidebar menu?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Deskworks is continually adding new features and new reports. If you want these available in your sidebar, they are added under TASKS.

  • Click SETUP > TASKS. 
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  • Notice the order of your tasks. You can adjust the order of tasks, the display name in the sidebar menu and the permissions associated with the task by editing the individual task. Click the EDIT button (pencil) to the right of any task. The headings (in green above) are set by setting a task to be a GROUP. 
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  • To add a new report or task, click the ADD +  button on the bottom of the page.image
  • In the new screen, add the Position where you want the report to appear, the name you want to call it, and the Task URL for the report. As we release new features, we will provide the Task URL for the feature. You should also choose the permissions you want to give to each "role" for people using Deskworks.
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