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How do I set up the Clickable Floorplan?*
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Deskworks Clickable Floor Plan lets you upload a floor plan for any of your spaces, attach the attributes for a room or desk and have it display on your website — accurately, in real-time, as spaces become available, prices change or new pictures are attached.

Adding the Clickable Floor Plan features to your Menu Bar

To start, add the floor plan setup to your left menu bar, in the location you want it. We suggest adding under INVENTORY:

  • Click SETUP > TASKS
  • At the bottom of the screen, click ADD +
  • Follow the screenshot below, but enter the “Position” number based on where you want it to show on your left menu bar. (It will probably NOT be “68” as ours is!) Check the Knowledgebase if you need more information on adding Tasks.

Adding Community and Reservation Floor Plans 

Community Floor Plan

If you want to add a Community Floor Plan view for your members to see what spaces are taken full-time, you can do that, too. They will be able to see who their neighbor is in an office or dedicated desk, along with their picture and shareable information. Add the following TASK to show up under the MEMBERS tab on your left menu bar (or wherever else you want it.)


Reservation Floor Plan

This version of the floor plan can also be set up via Tasks and added to your left menu or embedded on your website. This floor plan tool will look very similar to the Community floor plan, but users will be able to make reservations from this version. 


Setting up the Clickable Floor Plan feature:

Once the Task Name is visible in your left menu bar under INVENTORY,

  • Click + to add a new floor plan
  • Enter a name for your floor plan
  • Click UPLOAD IMAGE and select the picture of your floor plan. The file must be a JPEG or PNG. Optimal size is 1200+ pixels.

If you receive an error message when uploading your image, submit a ticket to Deskworks requesting that the Floor Plan feature be made active. To submit a ticket, follow the Support link in your Deskworks menu and then follow the prompts to open a new ticket.

You are now ready to assign your RENTAL UNITS to a location on the floor plan. From the Rental Unit and Recurring Billing information, the floor plan will pull the price, area, who is in the space, description, and photos. So first, be sure you have added descriptions and photos to your spaces under RENTAL UNITS.


Click in a space on your floor plan. A dot will appear, and the POINT SETTINGS box will open. From the dropdown, select the Category for the space, then the individual Rental Unit.

Continue to fill up the entire floor plan in the same way. When you click on a dot, the information (from the selected Reservation Unit) for that space will appear. You may want to add your pictures and descriptions under Rental Units first.


When you complete connecting your spaces on the floor plan, you can embed code to display the clickable floor plan on your website. The code to use is shown at the bottom of the Floor Plan page for easy reference.

If you try to embed the floor plan and see an error saying "Query: Failed to Fetch", then you may need to give Deskworks and your website permission to communicate with each other. To do so, head to SETUP>API ACCESS in Deskworks and add your website URL to the list of active URLs. 

Don't see API ACCESS in your Setup menu? See our Tasks section here in the Knowledgebase to learn how to add/activate that link.

Note: Spaces will show as available on the floor plan if no one has a recurring billing attached to that space. This is independent of the "available/non-available" flag in Reservation Units for how spaces display on the calendar.

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