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My data didn't sync to QBO. What do I do?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Quickbooks Online (QBO) has a known issue that their servers drop some times. If that happens, your data won't be sync'd.
Deskworks has created a process to help mitigate this problem:
  • We push data as it's created and create an internal error report for anything that doesn't sync.
  • If data isn't sync'd, we retry in 3 hours.
  • If not sync'd this second time, we retry in 1 hour.
  • If not sync'd that time, we retry in 24 hours.
  • At that point, we notify you that you need to contact QBO (but hopefully this never happens!)
When the issue is fixed, we can re-push your data, saving you from having to do this manually.

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