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1 Overview: How do I set up information for the Availability Report?*
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The Availability Report displays your available full-time spaces with their prices. It also shows all of your occupied spaces, with the name of the entity that has the space and any discounts. The report further gives you the value of both your Availability and your Occupancy.

Set up Inventory to enable the report as follows:

  • Go to INVENTORY > RESERVATION UNITS. Add all spaces in your facility, both those that can be taken full-time and those that should display on the reservation calendar. (This includes all private offices, desks, workstations, storage spaces, mailboxes, or any other space that you want to track.) SAVE.
  • After saving, the ACTIVE RESERVATION CALENDAR RULES box will display. Enter information as follows:
    • Who Can Reserve? From the dropdown, select as follows:
    • If you do not want the space to show on your calendar, select “Not Available”.
    • If members, non-members and staff can reserve, select “Anyone”.
    • If only staff can reserve, select “Staff”.
    • Selecting “Members” enables only Members and Staff.
  • Full-time Product/Price From the dropdown, select the Membership product with its base price for this unit if it were taken full-time. You will be able to discount it for an individual later.
  • If you pull the Availability Report now, you will see the value of all of your full-time space.

When a space is taken full-time, you can remove it from Inventory and attach it to the specific member who has the space.

  • SEARCH for the Member who has the space.
    • Under GENERAL, click the dropdown for “Make a matching Reservation Unit unavailable”.
    • Select the unit that you want to attach to this Recurring Billing. SAVE.

The unit will be removed from the available Reservation Units and will show as Occupied on the Availability Report. Any discounts applied to this Recurring Billing will also display so that you will see the total value of your occupied space.

Note: If the space was previously made Not Available, it will not display on the Recurring Billing dropdown. In this case, go back to Rental Units and temporarily make the unit Available. You will then be able to see it under the Recurring Billing. This is so that you cannot attach a unit to two different Recurring Billings.

To view the report, go to Reports>Availability Report. The report is divided into two sections: Available (showing Reservation Units NOT tied to a member’s Recurring Billing) and Unavailable (showing Reservation Units that are tied to a Recurring Billing).

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