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  1. 1. How do I set up permissions for individual administrators?
  2. 1. How does the Network Checkin Work?
  3. 2. How Do I Set Up Network Check In?
  4. 2. How do I set up permissions for each function in Deskworks for different levels of administrators (and members?) (TASKS tab)
  5. 3. How will members connect to my network?
  6. 5. What is the "Access Code"?
  7. 6. Where will I be able to see who is online?
  8. Accounts Receivable Report
  9. settings for credit card processing
  10. Availability Report
  11. Can I customize reports?
  12. Can I delete an Item (Package)?
  13. Can I prevent members (or former members) from accessing my network?
  14. Can I set up a no charge reservation item?
  15. Checkin Report
  16. Contact button for members: Can I set up to go to URL, email or phone?
  17. Doorflow Door Access System Integration
  18. E-Mail Short Codes
  19. Ezeep Integration
  20. Ezeep: monthly processing
  21. Google Calendar is saying Deskworks is not "verified". What do I do?
  22. HID Card Scanner Checkin Setup
  23. How can I sync my DeskWorks Calendar with Google Calendar for Liquidspace, etc.
  24. How do I create a new translation?
  25. How do I add a new feature or report to my sidebar menu?
  26. How do I change the language Deskworks is displayed in?
  27. How do I connect my Deskworks site to Quickbooks for automatic integration between the two?
  28. How do I connect Payeezy as my Gateway?
  29. How do I delete users' personal information to meet GDPR?
  30. How do I keep my tablet ON to display the Room Reservations?
  31. How do I process a proration on startup of a new membership? a new plan for an existing member?
  32. How Do I Remove Someone from Receiving Emails Sent via Email All/Site Members?
  33. How do I set up an integration with KISI door access system? Add and remove access?
  34. How do I set up credit card processing with
  35. How do I set up Google Analytics to include data from Deskworks?
  36. How do I set up links to DeskWorks features on my website?
  37. How do I set up prorations for my site?
  38. How do I set up Recurring Billing Renewal Information: date, term and notice
  39. How do I set up Spheremail digital mail service?
  40. How do I set up the Clickable Floorplan?
  41. How do I set up the QUICK BOOK IT NOW feature?
  42. How do I set up white label settings, the appearance of my Deskworks?
  43. How do I transfer my credit card data?
  44. I need to add a deleted Co-member back into Deskworks - why does it say "Email Has Already Been Taken"?
  45. Membership Report
  46. My Google Calendar is sync'd already. Can I just add Calendar IDs to DW?
  47. One of my Reservation Units will not send reservations to Google, but others will – how do I fix this?
  48. Refunding Security Deposits
  49. Remaining Reservation Credits for Members, Calculation
  50. Setting up Stripe connection for credit card processing
  51. Some of my transactions didn't sync to QBO. Why?
  52. Teamgo integration for front desk checkin
  53. Using Security Deposits
  54. What reports should I monitor to run an efficient center?

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