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KISI Door Access System Integration Setup
Last Updated 9 months ago

Kisi provides door access through your members' cellphone, rather than requiring a fob or RFID card for access.
With the Deskworks integration, you can either automatically or manually push new members' access credentials to Kisi, saving the step of having to manually enter each new member into the Kisi app.

  • Set up an account with Kisi. Set up your facility (Kisi Place) and your Access Groups, following the Kisi instructions.
  • In the Kisi platform, go to My Account > Logins. Click "Add API Key". Copy the generated API Key.
  • Open a ticket with Deskworks asking us to deploy the Kisi Integration for your site.
  • Once it is deployed, in Deskworks, go to SETUP > INTEGRATIONS SETUP                                                 

  • In the KISI INTEGRATION section:                                            

  • Enter the copied API Key.
    • Click the "Enabled" box to turn on the integration. Once enabled, your Kisi app is connected, and the Places and Access Groups you created in Kisi will be visible in Deskworks.
    • Select your facility in the Places dropdown.
    • Decide how you want new members to be entered in Kisi:
      • If you want all new members to get Kisi keys automatically, select the Default Access Group that you want to use. You will be able to modify this for individuals in their Member Profile.
      • If you want to decide who will get Kisi keys individually, select No Access for the Default Access Group.
  • That's it! You're all set up.

To give Kisi keys to a member:

  • If you have chosen a Default Access Group to automatically give keys during New Member signup, when you create a new member, they will automatically receive the Kisi Welcome Letter and be given the default Access Group permissions.
  • If keys aren't created automatically or if you want to change a member's permissions:
    • Go to MEMBERS > VIEW/EDIT PROFILE for any selected member.
    • In the MEMBERSHIP section, you will see "Kisi Access Group". Use the dropdown to select the Access Group you want to associate with this member. Click OK.

To remove keys when a member terminates:

  • In the left menu bar, go to MEMBERS > VIEW/EDIT PROFILE
  • In the MEMBERSHIP box, change Status to Inactive. Their Kisi authorization will be immediately removed.

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