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How do I set up white label settings, the appearance of my Deskworks?
Last Updated 5 years ago

You can choose the colors and box shapes in your instance of Deskworks. You can also upload the top banner photo and logos for both web and print (invoices, etc.).

In the left menu bar, go to: SETUP > WHITE LABEL SETTINGS.

(Note: if this is not visible, go to SETUP > TASKS and add the task as follows.:
At the bottom of the screen, click ADD TASK, which will open a new Edit Task Screen. See screen shot attached below.
Position: choose a number that will position the task under SETUP in the left menu bar.
Task Name: White Label Settings
Is Group? Leave Blank
Task URL: white-label-settings
Permissions: you can choose who can see or edit this. We suggest only having admins or higher able to view or edit.)

In White Label Settings, the Tool Tips explain the function and sizes for each item. For colors, type in the RGBA color #. Feel free to test and play around with each section. Just keep track of the RGBA color #s you may want to use.

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