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Teamgo integration for front desk checkin
Last Updated 6 years ago

The Teamgo integration is a custom one. (There is a cost.)

Teamgo provides a front-desk virtual monitor that allows guests to notify a member or co-member they wish to see that they are on site. The message is sent via text or email and logged.

To create this integration:
  • Open a ticket and let us know you would like this integration, and we will activate it for you.
  • Once we let you know the integration is activated:
    • Go to SETUP > INTEGRATIONS SETUP. Under the Teamgo integration, enter your API Code, Username and Password from Teamgo.
    • Through the ticket, let us know you are ready for us to push your existing members and co-members to Teamgo, and we'll do so.

Notes on the integration:

  • Whenever a new member or co-member is created, their first name, last name, email and phone (the first phone number listed) are pushed to Teamgo.
  • We look for new members to push every 6 minutes. This timing is because Teamgo does an update each 5 minutes, and we want to be careful not to double-enter anyone. The push is actually creating a .csv upload, which is the format Teamgo accepts.
  • When a member is made inactive, this is sent as a DELETE to Teamgo. Teamgo then puts DELETE with a number string before the email address.
  • If a member is reactivated, we simulate a manual login as the member and change the email back to the correct one.
  • Teamgo requires a 10 digit phone number. If 9 numbers are given, we put a zero in front. If less than 9, we do not pass through the phone number.

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