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How do I set up links to DeskWorks features on my website?
Last Updated 5 years ago

You can use the following links on your website to go directly into certain DeskWorks features. Substitute the name of your DeskWorks site within the brackets and remove the brackets:

1) Login:  https://[yoursite]

2) Self registration: https://[yoursite]
      (You can call this whatever you would like...sign up!...registration...)

3) Make a Reservation: https://[yoursite]
      (Use this to let non-members reserve space through your calendar during your working hours. They can see the calendar and make a reservation automatically, then their contact info and credit card are taken and charged.

4) Book It Now: https://[yoursite]
     (Use this for a streamlined non-member reservation that starts with the calendar view and requires agreement to your reservation terms and conditions. See more in Calendar Features and Functionality/How do I set up the QUICK BOOK IT NOW feature?

1) It's best to choose either #3 or #4 for your non-member reservations.
2) If you choose to display #3 or #4 via an iframe in your website, users who block 3rd Party Cookies may not be able to load screens properly - direct such users to the URL's above in order to book. 

5) Meet Our Members: To integrate the page into any HTML page of your site, add the code shown at the top of your Our Members page (in your left menu bar, MEMBERS>OUR MEMBERS) to your HTML page.

6) Clickable Floorplan
To integrate the page into any HTML page of your site, add the code shown at the bottom of your Clickable Floorplan page (in your left menu bar, INVENTORY>FLOORPLANS) to your HTML page.

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