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HID Card Scanner Checkin Setup
Last Updated 3 years ago

Deskworks can integrate with an HID Card Scanner for manual checkin at a front desk or door.  People can scan in and will be logged in as present. When they leave, they can log out. Their usage will be tracked against their plan.

Open a ticket to let us know you would like this integration activated. Once the integration is set up, follow these steps on your Wedge:

1. (Example 1) Go to your wedge URL on the tablet, probably Click GENERAL OVERVIEW on the top menu bar. Be sure your firmware version is greater than (ours is 04.00.000f.)

2. (Example 2) Click Keyboard Wedge tab on the top menu bar
     a. Click General Config tab
          1. Check Keyboard Wedge Enable
          2. Check Boot Interface

     b. (Example 3/4) Click Card Data Selection tab
          1. Select Card Type: FSK Prox (e.g. HID Prox…)
          2. Enter Prestroke: PACS:
          3. Enter Poststroke: [ENTER]

3. (Example 5) Click System Config on the top menu bar
     a. Click APPLY CHANGES
     b. Click STORE CHANGES
     c. Click REBOOT SYSTEM

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