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How do I set up SphereMail digital mail service?
Last Updated 4 months ago

Digital mail services — allowing members to get their mail online and have your center open and scan important pieces for them — is a great way to increase revenue while offering an additional service to members.

Deskworks’ users receive a discount on SphereMail. Simply sign up at SphereMail’s site, email that you did so, and the discount will be applied.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for SphereMail at You'll also get referrals and sales directly from SphereMail.
  • Once you have a URL for your SphereMail account, add a link to it (through TASKS) on your Deskworks’ sidebar so members can get straight to digital mail services from their Deskworks app.
  • Tip: If you are starting to get several services like this for your members, add a group to your sidebar called MEMBER SERVICES, with tabs for SphereMail, printer drivers, VoiP service, Member Perks, Facebook group, etc. Remember, you can add anything with a URL into the sidebar.
  • If you want (but certainly not necessary), add a link on your website for people to sign up for SphereMail at your center right from your website. Here’s how we did it: 
  • image
  • For existing members, you can either have them sign up through the Spheremail site or just add them directly to Spheremail through the Spheremail admin portal. You don't have to set up any recurring billing for this as they will be billed through Spheremail for recurring and usage, with funds going directly into your bank account.
  • If a new digital mail member wants to use your other center services, sign them up as normal in Deskworks, assigning a recurring billing if appropriate.

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