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How do I set up the QUICK BOOK IT NOW feature?
Last Updated 5 years ago

The BOOK-IT-NOW link in Deskworks allows non-members to make reservations with a very few clicks, starting from the calendar overview to see everything available on a particular day or week. If you choose, you can continue to use the simple-reservation link, which allows people to choose the space they want first.

On your website, add the link [yourcentername]
If you have multiple centers, add the center number as follows: [yourcentername], where xx is the number for that individual center. You can see the number by navigating to that center in Deskworks and looking at the URL bar to see "center=xx".

The screens from the Book-it-now link are:
  1. The standard calendar for your center. If you hover over any available space in the left menu bar, a flyout with a photo, description and pricing appears. (see screen shot.)
  2. Click in any time/space cell to open the Make a Reservation screen and follow the normal steps for making a reservation.
  3. The payment screen (see screen shot) requires them to accept your agreement for reservations.


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