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How do I set up Recurring Billing Renewal Information: date, term and notice
Last Updated 6 years ago

If your plans function like leases, with a specific term or renewal date, enter the following information under each Recurring Billing. This information will let you see the Revenue Forecast Report.

For each member, go to BILLING > RECURRING BILLING. Edit.
Enter the following information:

  • Renewal Date. This is the date that a current lease or term expires and renews, typically at 12:01 AM. On the Renewal Date, this field will automatically advance to a new Renewal Date, advancing by the number of days in the Renewal Term.
  • Renewal Term. This is the period of time that the lease or term will run from the Renewal Date.
  • Renewal Notice Period. The Renewal Notice Period sets the number of days in advance of the Renewal Date that a reminder email is sent to a member/client. If you require notice to you from the client, say, 30 days before the Renewal Date, you may choose to set this to 1 – 30 days before you require notice to be received by you.

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