Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Initial Deskworks Setup (10)

    Steps for setting up your DeskWorks software.
  • Availability Report Setup (4)

    The Availability Report allows you to track at a glance which of your spaces are available, who currently has a space full-time, what they are paying, and any discounts they are receiving. This is an Occupancy, Availability and Vacancy report all in one. The report pulls information from Inventory (products, prices and rental units) and Recurring Billings.
  • Billing Information (1)

    General questions/descriptions of setting up payment methods, member access to billing info, payments and charges.
  • Calendar Features and Functionality (7)

    There are many uses and features of Deskworks calendar. Here are some descriptions. See "Connecting to Google Calendar" for specific information on that feature.
  • Credit Card Processing (5)

    Steps for activating credit card processing
  • Email (2)

    Setup and troubleshooting for email
  • Floorplan, Clickable (1)

    The Clickable Floorplan feature in Deskworks allows you to display a real-time floorplan on your website, showing details for each of your spaces. You can show whether a space is available or taken full time, it's price, description and photo.

    The member view shows who is in the space and the information they want to share about themselves.
  • Google Calendar Sync (Liquidspace & others) (5)

    DeskWorks can automatically sync with LiquidSpace, Cloud VO and any other aggregator or service that syncs through Google Calendar.
  • Integrations (8)

    This section displays instructions for setting up any integration, other than Quickbooks. QBO has a separate Knowledgebase Category.
  • Network Check In and Member Tracking (8)

    Network Check In allows you to control who connects to your network, track when they are connected to your network, and allows non-members to purchases passes to connect to your network.
  • Notifications, automatic emails (2)

    Deskworks has many notices that are sent automatically to members, such as reservation confirmations, expired credit card notices, invoice emails, passes used up notices, etc. All of these are editable by you. And if you erase a "short-code", all included ones are displayed at the bottom. Find these under SYSTEM NOTIFICATIONS, EDITABLE in your left menu bar.
  • Permissions: Setting Permission Levels for Admins, Members, Franchises, API (2)

    This section describes setting up permissions under ADMINISTRATORS and in TASKS.
    It also describes setting up permissions for Franchises and larger enterprises.
    Further, access to the API is described.
  • Printer connection (2)

    Deskworks enables you to take the Printer History Report from virtually any printer or printer service, upload the report into Deskworks, and post all the printer charges in one click.
  • Prorations (2)

    This section describes setting up prorations on startup of new recurring billings and on termination of membership or recurring billings.
  • Quickbooks Integration (3)

    These steps assist you on creating an automatic sync and integration between Deskworks and Quickbooks.
  • Reports (18)

    Reporting features in Deskworks allow you to see details about your members, accounting, and spaces at a glance.
  • Security Deposits (4)

    Setting up and using Security Deposits
  • Setting up a Franchise or Network of Facilities (1)

    Deskworks has functionality specifically designed for franchises or large groups, including setting up regional reporting and expanded permission levels.
  • Setting up Languages (2)

    How to set up a different language to display Deskworks in.
    Deskworks is currently available in English, French and Russian.
  • Videos (1)

    Training Videos for Deskworks

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