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How do I set up a Discount Code for Self Registering New Members?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Your Discount Code page should be located in the Inventory section of the Deskworks menu. If you do not see it there feel free to activate your Discount Code tool by going to Setup>Tasks and creating a new Task (click Add+) positioned in your Inventory links using Task URL "discount-codes". If you need any help getting that set up, please submit a ticket asking for assistance. 

When you are ready to set up a Discount Code, go to the page and click Add+. You will then see these options: 


  • Discount Code field: Enter the code you want the user to enter during self-registration here. For example, if you want to advertise "Enter Discount Code "Summer Savings" at registration!" this field is where you would type "Summer Savings".
  • Type: Select between a dollar ($) value discount, or a percentage (%) value discount. 
  • Description: This is a public facing description of the discount that the code will apply to the user's order.
  • Amount: This field is for the amount of the discount itself - do NOT enter the discounted value of the product you're discounting. Example: If you have Product A with a regular price of $100 and you want to create a discount bringing that cost to $75, you would enter the amount "$25".
  • Months: Enter how many months you want the discount to apply for - should it be a 1 time discount, or discount their first 3/6/12 months, etc.
  • Start Date and End Date: These dates are to define the date range in which a user can enter this Discount Code. Example: If you entered Sept 1st as the Start and Sept 30th as the End, users could register using the Discount Code between 9/1/20-9/30/20 - if they tried to use the code on 10/1/20 they would receive an error saying the code is no longer valid.
  • Apply To: This allows you to apply the Discount Code to one, some, or all of your Membership Products. By default this field is set to apply the discount to all products - if you want to limit that, press the plus (+) icon and a new drop-down menu will appear where you can select a specific membership to have the code apply to. If you need it to apply to more than one membership, continue pressing the plus icon until you've specified all memberships it should apply to.

Complete all fields and click Save. 

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