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Why Wasn’t My Member Automatically Billed?
Last Updated 9 months ago

There are several possible reasons that a member with a Recurring Billing may not have been billed. You can check:

Next Billed Date Set in Past: Select the member and go to Billing>Recurring Billing. If the Next Billed Date reads a date in the past, this is the issue. All Next Billed Dates should ALWAYS be in the future. Reset this date to a future date, then save. The billing should begin working automatically again.

  • Note: If you are within the window when your invoices have already been created for the next month, i.e. your invoices have already "swept" for the next month, set Next Billed Date to the month after. For example, your invoices are created 3 days before the 1st of the month, and today is the 30th of June. Since invoices for July 1 have already been generated, set Next Billed Date to August 1 and manually invoice for July.

Next Billed Date is Missing: If the Next Billed Date on a Recurring Billing is blank, but the Status is “Active”, then a Terminate Date has been entered in the Recurring Billing. Edit the Recurring Billing and check the Terminate Date. If it should be present, check the Post Payments or Charges page for the member's final order; it has likely already been generated on that page. Correct it if necessary. If the date is incorrect, delete it from the Terminate Date field on the Recurring Billing. Once deleted, the Next Billed Date should re-appear. Set it to the correct date and save.

Order was Generated but Deleted before payment: Go to the Recurring Billing page. If you find that the Next Billed Date is still set to the last date someone should have been billed (e.g. if on August 5th you look at the Recurring Billing and the Next Billed Date is still Aug. 1st) and no payment has been processed, then the order may have been deleted before the Next Billed Date. If you receive invoice emails automatically, check your emails for an invoice for the member in question (not a receipt from the 1st of the month, but an invoice from several days before the 1st of the month). You should find one, and it will have an order/invoice number on it.

  • Select the member from User Search
    • If the Order Number in question is not present, then the order was deleted by an administrator.
    • If the Order Number is present, click the pencil icon to edit that order.
      • Inside the order, check the “Added By” column at the top of the page. If that column lists “System” for all items, please let us know about this.
      • What you will probably see is the name of an administrator instead of “System”. This means that that administrator deleted all the system generated, automated charges, and replaced them with manual charges.
        • Manual charges will not trigger a payment on the Next Billed Date, and therefore the Next Billed Date does not update properly. 
    • In any of these circumstances you will want to reset the Next Billed Date to the future, and also bill manually (if not already done) for the current month.

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