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How do I setup and use the Room Reservation Tablet App?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Deskworks' Room Reservation Tablet app lets you display Today's Reservations on a tablet next to any room that can be reserved. It shows the time, name/company, and title (optional) for each reservation for that day in the space. Your members can also make a reservation for themselves right on the screen by clicking the MAKE A RESERVATION button and logging in.image

You can use any tablet  that can download apps from either the AppStore or Google Play and has a wifi (or hard-wired) connection. Be sure it has adequate power either through a long-life battery or a power connection.

To setup the display:
  • Download the Satellite Deskworks app from the AppStore or Google Play onto your device.
  • Search for your center and sign in as an admin.
  • From the Dropdown, select the Reservation Category and Reservation Unit that you want the tablet to display
  • Click START. That's it!
Note: To change the settings at any time, click the MAKE A RESERVATION button and login as an Admin.

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