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Revenue Forecast Report
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For companies that have leases or set terms for their memberships, the Revenue Forecast Report lets you see expected revenue, i.e. the revenue that is committed for future months as of today. The report uses information entered on each Recurring Billing.

Entry of Information on Recurring Billing
For each member, go to BILLING > RECURRING BILLING. Edit.
Enter the following information:
  • Renewal Date. This is the date that a current lease or term expires and renews, typically at 12:01 AM. On the Renewal Date, this field will automatically advance to a new Renewal Date, advancing by the number of days in the Renewal Term.
  • Renewal Term. This is the period of time that the lease or term will run from the Renewal Date.
  • Renewal Notice Period. The Renewal Notice Period sets the number of days in advance of the Renewal Date that a reminder email is sent to a member/client. If you require notice to you from the client, say, 30 days before the Renewal Date, you may choose to set this to 1 – 30 days before you require notice to be received by you.
Once this information is entered, the Revenue Forecast Report will show you how much income you have committed in each consecutive month. The report can be ordered by Company or Last Name for any centers or all centers. The detail for each Recurring Billing displays below the top summary lines.

Task URL: revenue-forecast-report

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