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What is the Part Numbering System and how is it used?
Last Updated 10 years ago

Part Numbers enable ordering items more usefully for various reports and screens, such as:

  • Item List -- Items will appear in Part Number order
  • Income by Item Report -- Sales will be grouped and total by
  • Item Category Number
  • then by Item Number (first 2 digits)
  • Recurring Billings Report - Can be ordered by Part Number

1. Part Number organization can be different from Item Categories to enable you to classify your inventory in different ways.
We suggest starting with these Item Category Numbers, but you can modify to best fit your center:
01 - Memberships/Plans - includes Registration items.
02 - Additional Hours - space used by the day, 1/2 day or hour (can include items coded as Rental)
03 - Printing
04 - Conference Rooms -- including event space
05 - Services - admin services, bookkeeping, mailboxes, lockers, projector use
06 - Specials

2. Item Numbers further group items under the Item Categories. For example:

Item Category
Item NumberItem Name
21101Private Office, per hr.
21105Private Office,, per half day
21109Private Office, per day
22101Conference Room, Small, per hr
22105Conference Room, Small, per half day
22109Conference Room, Small per day

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