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Payment Reconciliation Report
Last Updated 2 years ago

The Payment Reconciliation report tracks what individual line-items on an order that a payment added to that order is applied against.

Before pulling the Payment Reconciliation Report:

  • Select the date range for the report period you need
  • Click SELECT ALL at the top
  • Click ASSIGN PAYMENTS at the bottom.
  • Go to REPORTS > PAYMENT RECONCILIATION REPORT and pull the report.

As an example of assigning payments as an order is created... if you have an order with line-items for a Reservation of $50, and a Membership fee of $100, if the member makes a partial $75 payment, you can use the Assign Payments tool on the EDIT ORDER page to assign $50 of that payment to the Reservation and $25 to Membership; alternatively, you could assign all $75 to the Membership fee, etc. The Payment Reconciliation report shows you how each payment in the date range you select was assigned. 

Example Order: 


Payment Assignment Configuration #1: 


Payment Assignment Configuration #2: 


Task URL: payment-reconciliation-report

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